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Aerial Hammock Teacher Training Course

Learn to fly and teach others to spread their inner wings!


Presented by Oak Sonkcharoen
Founder at Asia Aerial Arts

Master Oak from teaching Aerial Hammock and Silk in Hong Kong,Thailand,China and Malaysia ,specialise in Aerial Arts and Hammock   classes for beginners to advanced students. The aerial silks are well known for facilitating spinal traction and deep assisted stretching which is wonderful in itself, but that is only part of what you can do with them. Over 10 years of developing a unique teaching approach, Oak have pioneered a wide range of uses and techniques that can give people a more complete and enriching hammock experience..

Aerial Hammock Teacher Training course


  • Aerial Acrobatic Performer since 2009

  • Winner of Airstar Aerial Arts Competition 2018

  • Winner of Philippine Aerial Cup 2019

  • Aerial Hoop Men Category

  • Trainer of  Aerial Acrobatic in Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Malaysia

  • Personal Trainer of ACE Fitness

  • Orthopedic Exercise Specialist Program ACE

  • Circus Instructor

  • Corrective Exercise Specialist The Biomechanism

  • Youth Fitness Specialist Program



Aerial Hammock
Teacher Training Course

This is a four-day training course which will start at 10 am to approximately 6pm every day.
You will learn how to safely and effectively teach an Aerial Hammock Class and learn all the beginner syllabus moves.
We will cover aerial anatomy, Injury Prevention, Floor warm-ups & cool-downs, health and safety when teaching an aerial class, class management and how to structure a class plan.
No previous experience is needed but you are required to have some experience with the Aerial Hammock before, We recommend for whom already can do straddle in the air on their own.

Face-to-face course Aerial Hammock 30HR

[AAA] Aerial Hammock Teacher Training Course Developed by Circus Instructor, and Corrective Exercise Specialist so the fundamentals of this course will make the class safe and fun.

. This course covers Posture Analysis, The Anatomy of Aerial Exercise & Movement, Aerial Hammock exercise Technique, Description, and Tips.

In this Teacher Training Course we will cover

Our Teacher Training Certification

I have completed my course and got certificate on time . The course was very well explained and detailed .I enjoyed while doing this. I would recommend their courses.

June Chai, Kuala Lumpur

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