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- First Trial 空中瑜伽课 基础班!-

Aerial yoga class for beginners第一堂体验课 RM 40! 要来的朋友请跟我们预约位子哦.

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The Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga involves using hammocks which allow you to be suspended in the air. As a novice, using the hammock can assist you in performing postures that are usually challenging in a traditional yoga practice. For those who are more experienced, the hammock can provide a challenge to take your practice further.'

What is (Aerial yoga)?

Become an aerial yoga instructor

Aerial Yoga is a form of exercise using a fabric hammock or swing suspended from fixed points in the ceiling. Designed to give an holistic form of fitness, it increases flexibility, strength, endurance and motor skills. Aerial yoga combines benefits for the mind and body with muscular and cardio fitness alongside aerial acrobatics.

Who can take part in an Aerial Yoga class?

Anyone and everyone! From those who would like more support in their traditional yoga poses, those who would like to deepen their stretches and hold their poses longer to those who would like a more vigorous acrobatic type session. Also those who just like hanging upside down wherever and whenever they can.


aerial yoga backbend



Improves Core Strength

Aerial Yoga improves the core strength in a unique way. Using gravity as resistance Aerial Yoga works to increase muscle tone safely and effectively whilst protecting the back.


Increases Flexibility:

Aerial Yoga increases flexibility and strength as you use your core, arms and shoulders to move into postures and hold them whilst focusing on breathing deeply. Suspension releases tension on the bones and muscles allowing them to move more freely increasing flexibility.


Decreases Stress Levels

Aerial Yoga decreases stress levels. Deep breathing activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) decreasing stress and helping you to maintain focus during an Aerial Yoga session shutting out the world for an hour of relaxation.


Maintains a healthy bone density

Aerial Yoga can help to maintain your bone density. Peak bone density occurs at the age of 25, after that you can help to maintain this by regular weight bearing exercise and the intake of calcium. In Aerial Yoga you are using your own body weight to increase strength, therefore helping to maintain your bone density.

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Aerial Hammock Aerial Yoga

Improves blood circulation

Inverting in Aerial Yoga improves the circulation of blood. It helps to reduce swelling conditions of the legs and can even have a positive effect on varicose veins, as it relieves the pressure on these areas.

Become an aerial yoga instructor

空中瑜伽课 基础班!

First Trial 

空中瑜伽课 基础班!Aerial yoga class for beginners
第一堂体验课 RM 40! 要来的朋友请跟我们预约位子哦.


Become an aerial yoga instructor

I need more attention.

Book PRIVATE LESSON with us , we have it.

Whether you are brand new to aerial yoga and lyra or a seasoned aerialist, having your instructor’s undivided attention and expertise can be extremely valuable to your practice. Besides providing you with a fully personalized workout and individually tailored instruction, private lessons can also help you benefit from increased motivation and accountability. If this is your first time at our studio, be sure to start with a Private 1:1 Intro session. 

Aerial Yoga

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FIRST TRIAL RM 40! Pre book your slot with us now!

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Shuzanne, KL

'I tried aerial yoga, and it felt better than both reformer Pilates and classic yoga'

It worked wonders for my back pain.

Kelly, Puchong

第一次和 Michelle 一起尝试空中瑜伽,对脊柱、腿部、肩膀、臀部开放进行非常深度的拉伸,课程结束时超级放松。 我和我的搭档真的很享受!


此外,瑜伽馆明亮舒适,氛围不错! 此外,价格合理。非常感谢 Avi! 我们非常喜欢它,这真是一次了不起的体验! 我们很乐意回来! 强烈推荐!
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