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2023年5月25日 - 2023年5月26日

15hours Aerial HOOP Teacher Training Course Level

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Gain strength and flexibility as you learn the amazing art of Lyra. You must feel comfortable learning to invert to attend this course. In level 1, you will review and build on intro theories and add hanging inversions and static positions to the repertoire. Please wear tights or crops and a sleeved top. Guided by our Master Instructor Oak, our Aerial Hoop Instructor Courses will equip you with the knowledge and abilities to safely and effectively teach introductory through to intermediate aerial hoop skills. Get hands-on with us and take your aerial hoop journey to the next level! Face-to-face course Hoop 15HR [AAA] Aerial Hoop Teacher Training Course Developed by Circus Instructor, and Corrective Exercise Specialist so the fundamentals of this course will make the class safe and fun. . This course covers Posture Analysis, The Anatomy of Aerial Exercise & Movement, Aerial Hoop exercise Technique, Description, and Tips. UNIT 1 ANATOMY To understand the mechanisms of posture within the body in order to look, feel and perform better. A focus on posture puts the whole body into better alignment, which can help improve Aerialist performance and may decrease the propensity for injuries. UNIT 2 WARM-UPS AND COOL DOWN Mobility and stability exercises improve your range of motion through either dynamic movement or static holds. These two types of exercise are paired together. improve student ability to maintain and move into proper postural alignment. UNIT 3 TEACHING BASIC




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