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2022年12月18日 - 2022年12月18日

Aerial Yin Restorative Yoga

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Aerial Yin Yoga is a total relaxing form of Aerial Yoga in which each pose is held for a longer time to get more relax and stretch out of the body. Utilizing the soft silk hammocks this Yin practice targets the connective tissues, such as ligaments, which are not exercised in the more active flow of asana. Long-held postures can even target bones and joints, strengthening the body's foundation. Yin Aerial is all about holding poses with the silks longer. It is great for warming and opening for the muscles and fascia tissue. The silks will support you and allow you to lengthen your body in ways that may not be accessible in a normal class. When performing restorative/Yin aerial yoga, the aim is not to get into difficult or challenging poses and work up a sweat but to gently guide the body into positions that can bring different benefits. Yin-Restorate yoga can be heavily focused on the mind and often includes visualisations or meditations to further connect with your inner self, your healing and your spiritual side. Additionally, the practice allows you to achieve opening of the hips, spine and other connective tissues bringing about better flexibility and relief from tension in the muscles. This 90minute workshop is an on levels class and is open to everyone. Please leave all jewellery off when working with the silks. Fee : For member RM120 per person Non member RM150




MYR 120.00


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