The Secret to Skin Beauty ✨

SBook Collagen

Having undesirable skin conditions 😰? 
➊ Can’t get rid of dark circles and heavy eye bags?
➋ Noticeable wrinkles and sagging skin?
➌ Skin lost its brightness and dark spots keep appearing?


About my Experience

Michelle Wong

So I started taking this #SBook collagen after my skin allergy with the added bonus it may help my dry skin. What it has done is made my skin feel hydrated giving it a glow. 

This collagen is sourced from 8types of super berries and Tripeptides collagen🍓🍒. It's tastes in sweety berries and it's only 2.5kcal per sachet. Easy and convenient with handy packaging💓

After only a week it has left my skin visibly smoother, clearer and younger looking with a firmer plumper texture, the kind of results you simply cannot achieve using moisturiser alone and it gives much more noticeable results than the capsules😍


Skin health has never been so great and easy 💪! SBook® has helped hundreds and thousands of people to retain and regain that youthful chapter of their life and now it’s your turn!


My Story

A Life of Balance

I am so happy that I could finally found a good collagen supply which have such a huge benefits and effective. After many trial of many types of collagen, I found Sbook Collagen has improved my skin condition where my skin much more hydrated, pores was minimized, and the fine lines was smoothen more.  I love its contain of glisodin which its also work as an anti uv where it can protect our skin from skin darkening, by the way its did brighten up my skin much better.


Looking to upgrade your wellness routine wherever you are and whenever you want? With only 2.5kcal per serving sources from only real food-based ingredients, it’s time to get healthy with our TriPeptide collagen now! Our convenient to-go packs are ready for grab!


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If you haven’t heard about the use of TriPeptide in collagen products, you’re missing out on the really good stuff ! 
As compared to the general collagen Peptide products in the market, SBook collagen TriPeptide 🍡 is the smallest molecular size among all other collagen types and it can be directly absorbed by the body without the need to go through decomposition by digestive system and the absorption efficiency is up to 85-90% 😎! Hence, resulting in better healing 👍🏻, repair 👍🏻, and nourishment 👍🏻 to slow down the skin ageing process 😋. Still in doubt ? Simply google up “TriPeptide Collagen” - there’ll be tons of scientific articles that prove its efficiency as compared to the general Peptide collagen 😉.



“ 😨 You look older than I thought!” Has anyone told you before? Skin changes are the most obvious sign of aging. Wrinkles, sagging skin, and stiff joints are all signs that the body is producing less collagen 👵. Over 30? Are you looking older than you are?
Your body's collagen production starts to decline at the age of 25, approximately 1.5% per year and decreases even more in women after menopause 📉📉. This is why collagen has always been seen as a very important ingredient for skin care to curb this natural decline and slow down your aging process ✨! If you’re unhappy with how your skin is aging 😞, we are here to fix your problems 💪. In SBook, we offers Tri-Peptide collagen beauty drink - your 🌿 healthier choice to skin health and beauty 👸🏼.


SBook Success Stories

 "The result speaks for itself here. My skin condition is very unhealthy due to my busy workload and improper meal intake. My skin looks saggy and droopy - leading me to look older than my actual age. I was introduced to SBook® by my friend and I can see drastic changes in my skin in just one month! I no longer look saggy and old! ” Skin health has never been so great and easy 👸🏼!


SBook Success Stories

As a professional model, it was always a problem for me to prepare before the photoshoot as I have dry skin and I get a lot of inflammations due to the hot weather. But now every time before my photoshoot, I will take 2 sachets of SBook collagen as it helps to re-hydrate my skin and giving my the glowing and brightening results on my face in under 5 minutes - allowing me to look good on camera! How amazing is that!” Skin health has never been so great and easy 👸🏼! 


SBook Success Stories

I used to have slightly uneven skin tone with hyperpigmentations. After trying out SBook® collagen, I could feel my skin has improved to be softer and brighter, with a more even skin tone. It’s so much easier now in applying my makeup as my skin is more hydrated and smooth now! ” 
Skin health has never been so great and easy 👸🏼! SBook® has helped hundreds and thousands of people to retain and regain that youthful chapter of their life and now it’s your turn! 😍 🛡Specially crafted TriPeptide Collagen formula with Brightening Effects on your skin to slow down your aging process.


SBook Success Stories

"I used to have problems with my enlarged pores and my face tends to look very saggy. However, after consuming SBook, I was surprised that my enlarged pores have been refined and at the same time it has amazingly uplifted my face as well! SBook has also reduces my eye bags as well as eye wrinkles. However, the most outstanding result that I’m amazed by is that the oiliness of my face has been significantly reduced and I no longer need to do makeup touch-ups every couple hours as I used to! ” 
Skin health has never been so great and easy 👸🏼


SBook Success Stories

"I really can see the improvement in my skin! It's much more firmer and brighter now to the pointt that even my friend around me start noticing the differences happening on my skin."


SBook Success Stories

"They said, dessert is a “happiness booster” but dessert is also a “collagen loss booster” as it contains extremely high level of sugar. I’m in my forties and I’m very worried about my skin such as pigmentation, saggy skin, etc. I felt very lucky that I found ♥️SBook®, the best collagen ever that solve all my problems. I was able to witness the results in just 12 days. I have made the best decision in my life - in investing myself to become healthier and prettier.” ♥️



✔ Researched and Formulation designed by experts ✔ Safe, natural high grade active ingredients from food Extraction ✔ Manufactured in a GMP Certified Facility ✔ Clinically Proven Ingredients ✔ Sugar-Free ✔ Certified HALAL by JAKIM .



 Take 1 sachet daily at any time. When consuming, take the gel direct from the sachet and let the gel sit under your tongue or swirl it around your tongue and inside your mouth for 5 – 10 seconds before swallowing. . .

PRODUCT INGREDIENTS Fish Collagen TRI-PEPTIDE, Prune Extract, Berries Extract Concentrate (Acai Berry, Blueberry, Elderberry, Blackberry,Raspberry, Strawberry, Passion Fruit), 8 Enzyme (Invertase, Lactase, Lipase, Papain, Pectinase, Phytase, Protease, Xylanase), Moringa Powder, GliSODin, Lemon Concentrate, Blackcurrant Concentrate.


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SBOOK COLLAGEN + BRIGHTENING 12’S x 10ml (Firming, Brightening & Moisturizing)


SBOOK COLLAGEN + BRIGHTENING 30’S x 10ml (Firming, Brightening & Moisturizing)


SBOOK COLLAGEN + BRIGHTENING 30’S x 10ml x 4boxes (Firming, Brightening & Moisturizing) 




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