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Where Does the Fat Go When You Lose It?

"The important in your workout or exercise is not about how hard and harsh you been practicing, it about your BREATHING!!" Breath more to lose those fat.


Many diet and exercise programs promise the ultimate reward of losing more body fat. But have you ever stopped to wonder "Where the heck does my fat actually go when I lose it?" Is there a metabolic lost and found? Does it jump to an alternate universe? Or is it actual magic?

The strange reality is that losing fat can seem sort of like magic, because we dont really see it leave. The closest approximation we have to seeing fat evicted form our bodies is through the appearance sweat. Thanks to our conventional calorie-focused health industry, we know that when we are working hard, and breaking a sweat, we are burning away some of those pesky calories. We know that when we see the sweat dripping thats just our fat cells having a good breakup cry as their stored calories are leaving town. But unfortunately, thats not how our fat's disappearing act actually works.

As we noted earlier, our fat cells are mainly composed of tin packets of stored energy called triglycerides. When we attempt to "lose fat" what we are really attempting to do is metabolize these triglycerides. Triglycerides are composed of three types of atoms : carbon,hydrogen and oxygen. And triglycerides can only be broken down by unlocking these atoms through the process oxidation. Now here is how fat is able to vanish into thin air.

In a peer-reviewed study published in the BMJ, scientists decided to follow the path of these atoms as they are leaving the body. They discovered that when 10 kilograms of fat is oxidized, 8.4kilograms of that fat is excreted as carbon dioxide via the lungs,while just 1.6kilograms is released as water. In other words, approximately 84 per cent of the fat that you lose is eliminated through your breath when you breathe out! And only about 16 per cent of the fat you lose is through urine, sweat, and other fluids. Their calculations revealed taht lungs are the primary excretory organ for that fat. Plus, if that weren't suprising enough, the researchers estimate that about one third of weight loss happens as you breathe during full night of sleep.

Now you know, when fat goes bye bye, its primarily through your breathing.


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