Side-lying Pilates with Magic ring exercises targets core, glutes & inner thigh

The side-lying leg press is a mat exercise done with the Pilates magic circle. It is a great thigh exercise that focuses the workout on the inner thighs. It also tones the glutes (butt muscles) quite well. The whole Pilates powerhouse is engaged for length and stability. This exercise builds on skills learned in the side-lying Pilates mat exercises. You may want to try those before adding the magic circle.

Side-lying Pilates exercises emphasize length and using the powerhouse core muscles to stabilize the trunk as the lower body moves independently. This exercise especially works the adductor muscles which draw your legs together. Strength and flexibility of these muscles are important for athletic performance in many sports that require side-to-side movements. Strong and flexible adductors can also help reduce the risk of knee pain. #magicring #pilateswithsmallprops #pilatesmagicring #pilatesmat #pilateswithprops #pilatesbukitjalil #corestrength #stability #bukitjalilyogacentre

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