10 Things to know about Aerial Yoga

So you’ve decided to go your very first aerial yoga class! That’s great news! Aerial Yoga is the practice of performing poses and inversions using a hammock or swing that’s suspended from the ceiling or from an aerial frame/rigging.

At first, aerial yoga looks like it’s something very difficult that takes a lot of skill and practice to perform. Unlike other forms of aerial sport, this is not the case with aerial yoga. In fact, aerial yoga hammocks/swings actually make it easier for you to perform yoga poses that you may otherwise find difficult.

Many first-timers at an aerial yoga class are surprised at how straightforward it is to perform inversions on the hammock and how safe it feels to be well-supported by a strong, soft yoga swing.

For those of you not sure what aerial yoga is, essentially it’s yoga done with the help and support of a wide piece of silk which resembles a hammock. And before you go out and beat down the door of your local studio to get into a class, here’s a few things you should know:

1. It’s not just for acrobats.

2. You don’t need to have a regular yoga practice to start.

3. Absolute aerial beginners are welcome. You’ll start on the ground with plenty of time to get used to the fabric first. During class, the fabric pressing into you can be pretty uncomfortable at times.After class, you might be a little sore – similar to after a deep tissue massage (because that’s basically what you just got).

4. You’ll leave class feeling taller and lighter (who doesn’t want that, right?).

5. Leave the jewelry at home— if you don’t, you’re risking injury if it gets caught in the fabric, and you can really damage the fabric too.

6. It’s therapeutic, relieving compression in your low back, opening your hips, and stretching your spine

7. You will find that you’re stronger then you think.

8. Motion sickness can occur in those who are prone to it.

9. You will learn to let go of fear; it will make you feel free.

10. Don’t eat a meal in the 2 hours leading up to class.

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