About Us

Our aim? To help the people to achieve total wellness and optimise their health.

Receive step-by-step guidance from a dedicated accountability partner.

  • Personalized dietary and lifestyle guidelines

  • Handouts, resources and product recommendations

  • Goal mapping and ongoing support 

  • Liaising with your team of practitioners


MI Wellness & Nutrition

"Love yourself, Unconditionally"

My role as a nutrition and health coach is to support you with decisions around food, nutrition and lifestyle in order to promote your health and wellbeing and to enable you to reach your desired outcomes.


Our Available Wellness Program


Detox Starter Pack with YOGA
Result see just in 7days!

Detoxify, Regulation, Nourishment

Lean and Transform

Flow of Mind

Weightloss 体型管理计划
Slimming Program

线上减脂-1 对 1 指导



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