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Welcome to the world of yoga. Our Yoga Studio aims to make the practice of yoga approachable and joyful. We believe that integrating yoga into your week will improve your health and change your quality of life for the better. Want to find out more? Join us.

Mi Practice


I have been teaching yoga to people of all ages and levels since 2007. I really believe that yoga can change lives in such an amazing way. Its the best job in the world to help people stay active and find a more peaceful way to move through their busy lives.

I took up Aerial Yoga in hammock and silk a few years ago. This is where I discovered Aerial yoga and loved it. Aerial yoga if a playful way ,to explore yoga, and your fitness. It teaches you how the body can be solid and flexible while looking at the world from a different viewpoint. My classes are fun, athletic and challenge all levels.

Meet The Team

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MK Lau

Aerial Hammock Instructor

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Irene Koh

Aerial Yoga/Yoga Instructor


Kam Fong

Aerial Yoga Instructor


People often ask us how yoga can improve their lives. As an acclaimed Mi Aerial &nYoga Studio, we are committed to bringing you quality yoga that respects your individual needs. Read about how yoga has impacted the lives of our practitioners through these testimonials.


Teacher Michelle is an attentive, patient & calm instructor. She stresses a lot on pre-workout warming up and stretching in ensuring our core & foundation is strong before we complete our pose. I love her class and treasure the friendship built with her and the rest of our yoga mates. Keep up the good vibes ❤️


Pleasure environment and friendly teacher. I enjoy it very much!