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Yoga at Home

7 Day Total Body Reboot


I’ve noticed a lot of programs are incomplete.

Eliminating the problem foods without figuring out WHY they are causing the problem does NOT work.  Why are we addicted to things that harm us and what can we do about it?  Willpower DOES NOT WORK and leaves us with a sense of failure.  In my experience  years of researching food and nutrition, I have finally found what is really causing our cravings and health issues and will share how to find optimal health and successful eating in this program. 

This program will teach you about Food and how it works in your body.  It will help you find food you LOVE THAT WILL LOVE YOU BACK!!

During this journey you will discover much needed insights into the food you are eating and how to make smart and wholesome choices. Bringing AWARENESS to what we are doing, eating and feeling is how we make true and lasting change. 

This is NOT a diet!  It’s a way to change problematic behavior with food and life choices.  You will discover the type of eater you are, your triggers and learn how to change direction in difficult moments.   This is a LONG TERM, SUSTAINABLE SOLUTION to discover and regain your total  health.  

Yoga Detox

Using yoga breathing and exercises to stimulate and enhance body system for detoxification.

Practicing Yoga at Home
Learn about food

Food and Nutrition knowledge to helps your system reboot and maintain your vitality

Fresh Salad
Healthy lifestyles changes

Learning these simple changes can make huge differences in your weight, health and happiness.

Eating Acai

Understanding the body

Our bodies, while seemingly complex, are pretty simple.  We are designed for optimal health.  The definition of HEALTH is the state of being “free from illness or injury,” yet most of the population is suffering from serious health issues and metabolic disorders.  We have forgotten that WE ARE WHAT WE EAT.  


What we are eating is causing a majority of our weight gain and overall health issues, both mental and physical.  We are suffering fatigue, high levels of inflammation and acidity that is eroding our body.  In this program I will explain why this is happening and, more importantly, how to reverse it.  


Learning these simple changes can make huge differences in your weight, health and happiness.  I will explain why we go through certain food cravings in a way that will completely make sense, not only because it’s backed by scientific research and evidence;  but because you will feel the changes. I don’t use complex terminology but make it simple, absorbable and accessible for everyone.  

Know your body

Experiences other members have had inside the first 7 Days of this program includes but are not limited to:.

Improved sleep, weight loss 4-10 lbs, decrease of pain and inflammation, increased energy, no hunger, no cravings, overall sense of wellness/happiness/joy, increased focus and clarity, increased memory, improved skin texture, complexion and glowing skin, hair growth and stronger nails, greater taste sensitivity and overall increase in JOY from EATING, Controlover food.

Students that have completed the entire program: 

  • Weight Loss & Loss of Body Mass

  • Increased Body Composition & Muscle Mass

  • Energy & Vitality

  • Improved & Restorative Sleep

  • Reversal of Aging (Wrinkles, age spots)

  • Improvement of Reversal of Medical Issues 

  • Optimal Health

  • Improved Mood & Satisfaction of Life

  • Memory, Clarity and Cognitive Function 

  • Improved Hair, Nails and Skin

  • and so much more…..

Are you focused and determined to make a change but nothing else has worked??  Then this is the Program for you!  Rewire your Brain for LONG TERM SUCCESS.


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